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Me Virender Saini

All my life - I have always been fascinated by arts and crafts, in particular I have always been very drawn to shapes and figures, which I think has made me realise my love for architecture, from magnificent ancient structures such as the pyramids to the evolution of architecture between then and now with clean cutting-edge modern design. I have practiced my passion for architectural and structural design since learning 3D Design in 2010. Since then I have truly honed my skills by completing many projects for clients in varying disciplines of architectural 3D Design.

Brithday 19-02-1981
Call +91 94 170 001 34
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Architectural Design

Our team of expert designers will work with you to translate your vision into a stunning architectural design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Interior Design

The functional and beautiful interior that reflects your style and personality, with the right colors, materials and furniture to create an inviting and comfortable living space.

Exterior Design

We create eye catching exterior design that stands out from the crowd and enhances the look and functionality of your building, whether it's residential or commercial.

360 degree Panorama

Experience your project in a whole new way with our 360-degree panoramas. You can see every angle of your design and get a feel for the space before it's even built.


Take a virtual tour of your project with our walkthroughs. You'll be able to see every detail of your space and get a sense of what it would be like to walk through it in real life.

3D Rendering

Bring your architectural designs to life with our high-quality 3D renderings. We create realistic and detailed images that showcase your projects in the best light possible.


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Store and Service Manager at Hyundai Auto Workshop

Oversee day-to-day operations of the auto store, including inventory management, customer service, and sales. Manage a team of sales representatives and mechanics, ensuring they are trained and motivated to provide exceptional service and achieve sales targets. Develop and implement sales strategies to increase revenue and profitability, including cross-selling and up-selling techniques. Monitor inventory levels and order replacement stock when necessary, ensuring adequate supplies are available to meet customer demand. Maintain a safe and organized work environment, including adherence to all safety and regulatory standards. Foster positive relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to promote the success of the store. Develop and manage budgets, including monitoring revenue and expenses to ensure profitability. Conduct regular meetings with staff to communicate objectives, provide feedback on performance, and identify areas for improvement. Prepare and submit reports to senior management regarding store performance, customer feedback, and operational issues.

FI in Airtel Postpaid at Competent Synergies

Oversee and manage a team of retention agents to retain and upsell Airtel postpaid services to existing customers. Develop and implement strategies to reduce customer churn and increase customer retention rates. Monitor and analyze customer data to identify trends and insights that can inform targeted retention efforts. Provide coaching and training to retention agents, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage with customers and meet retention goals. Conduct regular performance evaluations and provide constructive feedback to the team members. Handle escalated customer complaints and issues, ensuring prompt resolution and customer satisfaction. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as sales and marketing, to develop retention campaigns and initiatives. Stay updated on industry trends and competition, and suggest improvements to the retention process based on market research and customer feedback. Prepare and submit reports to senior management regarding retention performance, customer feedback, and operational issues.

IT Warehouse Manager in Halliburton (Iraq)

Managing IT Infrastructure: You would be responsible for setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure in the warehouse, including computer systems, network connections, and software applications. System Implementation: As an IT Warehouse Manager, you would collaborate with the IT team to implement computer systems and tools required to support warehouse operations, such as inventory management systems and barcode scanners. Data Management: Your role would involve managing and organizing data related to warehouse activities, such as monitoring stock levels, tracking shipments, and analyzing performance metrics. IT Support: You would provide technical assistance and support to warehouse staff regarding hardware, software, and network-related issues. Security and Compliance: Ensuring the security of IT systems and data in the warehouse is crucial. You would implement security measures, perform regular backups, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Administrative Assistant in Housing with Kelloggs Brown and Root Ltd.

Provide administrative support to the Housing department, including handling phone calls, managing calendars, and scheduling meetings. Maintain accurate and organized digital and physical filing systems for housing-related documents, ensuring easy retrieval and compliance with record-keeping regulations. Assist in the preparation and distribution of housing applications, leases, and other housing-related documents. Coordinate with property management teams, tenants, and external contractors to schedule maintenance and repairs. Handle resident inquiries and concerns, providing exceptional customer service and resolving issues in a timely manner. Monitor and track rental payments, ensuring accuracy and adherence to deadlines. Process applications for housing assistance programs, verifying eligibility and maintaining records of program participants. Prepare reports and presentations related to housing activities, including occupancy rates, rent collection, and maintenance requests. Assist with the coordination and execution of housing events and initiatives, such as seminars and community outreach programs. Stay updated on industry regulations and best practices, ensuring compliance and suggesting process improvements when necessary.

3D Visualiser & 3D Modeler at AV3D GRAPHICS

Collaborate with clients, architects, and designers to understand and interpret their conceptual designs and translate them into 3D visualizations and models. Using computer software and tools, such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, and 3D Studio Max, to create detailed and realistic 3D models and visualizations. Prepare 3D models and renderings for presentations, marketing materials, and client review, ensuring accuracy and adherence to project specifications. Apply lighting techniques and material/textures to enhance the realism of 3D visualizations and models. Produce high-quality renders and animations for various projects, including architectural, interior, and product design. Collaborate with the design team to create virtual environments and immersive experiences using Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in 3D rendering, modeling, and visualization. Assist in the creation and maintenance of a library of 3D models and assets to streamline the design process and promote efficiency. Collaborate with project managers and clients to ensure timely delivery of 3D models and visualizations, while meeting quality standards. Provide guidance and support to junior 3D visualizers and modelers, sharing knowledge and expertise to enhance the capabilities of the team

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Living Room (modern)

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